About Us


Excellence and professionalism always lead to the top, whatever the field. We believe in demonstrating these qualities in our communications and especially through our teaching. In this way we can impart learning which enables you to achieve all of your goals and so reach the top.

We are a learning center for both adults and children.  

We teach a range of professional and academic subjects, as well as leisure topics.

The teacher is one of the keys to any successful learning experience. As such we recruit competent, energetic, engaging and positive teachers, and add to their existing skill-set with in-house training.

We keep in touch with the changing requirements of business professionals, the demands of society and the challenges of children at school, so that our lessons are relevant and effective. 


Our Approach

Learner Centred

Our classes are centred around learners. We are sensitive to the range of ways in which people learn, and adapt as much as possible to your individual learning style. We also adapt our curriculum to the felt needs of each learner, enabling you to achieve your goals.

Classroom Environment

The learning environment is friendly, but also dynamic and motivating. We encourage each student to be fully engaged.

Communicative Methodology

In our language classes real communication is not only your goal, but also our method. Fluent and accurate communication does not just happen, but requires meaningful interaction in the classroom, so that when it comes to social meetings, tough negotiations or difficult exams, you are ready.