Academic Director and Teacher – Naava Barber

Naava has taught English to children, young people and adults, both in the UK and Israel, and has over ten years of experience. She holds an Israeli government recognised degree in teaching. She also holds a UK government teaching qualification and a specialist language teaching qualification.

Directors – Yoni  and Naava Barber

Director and Teacher – Yoni Barber

Yoni holds a Cambridge diploma in teaching English, with over 15-years of experience teaching English and business English both in the UK and Israel. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and has professional experience as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a non-profit organisation. He has also worked as a trainer in business skills for a UK government programme supporting hi-tech businesses.

Other Teachers

  • Our teachers all have a university degree and/ or a specialist teaching qualification.
  • Our teachers are professionals in their specialist field.
  • Languages – our various language teachers are all native speakers, or have qualified to teach in the country where the relevant language is spoken.


  • Online via Zoom – usually together with a monthly class in Jerusalem
  • Small classes – keeping the cost affordable
  • One-to-one classes – contact us directly for more information
  • Carefully selected curriculum
  • For classes in your office in Jerusalem – contact us directly for more information

Meet Our Teachers