Learning Korean online

Learn Korean Online We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming course. Korean Beginners Course 50 minutes per week – 10 weeks Korean Conversation Course 50 minutes per week This course is for those who already know a little Korean, including the alphabet Contact Us

Hebrew Improvers

Hebrew Improvers Elisheva Pirard Course Online via Zoom Improvers Hebrew Course:In this course we will study from the course book: “Ivrit B’Shneim”.We will improve grammar, reading/ comprehension of texts and practise speaking in Hebrew.Grammar topics to be studied:Time expressions, future verb forms, the personal form, direct and indirect speech, and many other topics. In addition, … Read more

English for Academic Success

English for Academic Success Equipping students for academic success IELTS/ TOEFL exam preparation Contact Us on-line – 50 minutes per week Post-graduate level teachers Curriculum Example Speaking & listening: Selecting & prioritizing, understanding implied meaning, cause & effect etc. Reading: Referencing, clarifying, paraphrasing and quoting; presentation elements etc. Writing: Formal vs informal, repetition & rephrasing, … Read more

Chinese Conversation

Chinese (Mandarin) Conversation Class 50 MINUTES – CLASSES ONCE A WEEK – PAYMENT FOR 10 WEEKS This course is for those who have already studied some Chinese.You will have opportunity to speak and practise your Mandarin, growing in confidence and fluency. You will understand where and how to improve and speak more accurately, beginning to … Read more

Chinese beginners

Chinese (Mandarin) Beginners Course  50 MINUTES – CLASSES ONCE A WEEK – PAYMENT FOR 10 WEEKS This course takes you through the basics of Mandarin Chinese: reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will also learn the grammar structure of the language and start to build your vocabulary. Gradually, you will learn to speak Chinese and … Read more

Business and Professional English

Business and Professional English Course Main Teacher – Yoni Barber MBA, MA/ over 15-years’ experience / Ex-CEO and business trainer.  Curriculum Small Talk – build confidence and develop the relationships that make all the difference. Meetings and negotiations – communicate the meaning and nuance you intend, in order to influence others effectively. Presentations – be … Read more

Hebrew for Passover Online

Hebrew for Passover Online Sunday March 21, 2021 at 2pm Israel time. You will learn Hebrew words connected with Passover. You will experience the depth of this Jewish feast through Elisheva, teacher of Hebrew, with the help of photos, videos and songs! You will also learn about dishes that you can prepare yourself with your … Read more